Welcome to eBay API Simple!

eBay API Simple is a super simple, easy to use, toolkit that interfaces with eBay API’s and other standard web services.

Getting Help

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Quick Start

  1. sudo cpanm eBay::API::Simple

  2. create a test.pl script

    use strict; use eBay::API::Simple::Finding;

    my $api = eBay::API::Simple::Finding->new( {

    appid => ‘myappid’,

    } );

    $api->execute( ‘findItemsByKeywords’, { keywords => ‘perl books’ } );

    if ( $api->has_error() ) {

    die “Call Failed:” . $api->errors_as_string();


    # getters for the response DOM or Hash my $dom = $api->response_dom(); my $hash = $api->response_hash();



  • Perl 5.8+

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